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Meet Maddy Campbell

Your story is unique and I am grateful you’re choosing to share it with me. I believe that the counseling relationship should be honest, encouraging, nonjudgemental, and collaborative.  I know you are capable of navigating these obstacles, whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, or trauma. In addition to the previous list, I also specialize working with transracial adult adoptees and marginalized people through trauma and identity work. My job is to create a safe and open space to support and challenge you through the tough moments. 

I am a psychodynamic therapist. Psychodynamic therapists operate from the belief that unresolved
conflicts from our past, usually childhood, affect our present and future selves. Using this framework, I help clients understand the origins of their present issues. While I mainly use a psychodynamic lens, I also incorporate other techniques and skills like attachment and trauma work, CBT, and DBT. I also
operate from a multicultural, feminist, and social justice lens to acknowledge how the the U.S systems play a role in everyday mental health. I will also incorporate psychoeducation as needed.

I am a Chinese adoptee and I grew up here in Cincinnati. I received my Bachelor of Arts in both
psychology and neuroscience from Boston University in 2018 and my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University in March 2023. I have been seeing clients since 2021 both in a group practice and solo practice setting.

I look forward to working together!


office: 513-991-7007

fax: 513-609-4558

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Monday: 10-6pm

Tuesday: 10-6pm

Wednesday: 10-6pm

Thursday: 10-6pm

Friday: 10-6pm

Saturday & Sunday Closed



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8200 Beckett Park Drive, suite 111|  West Chester, OH 45069

*Appointments offered outside of office hours subject to clinicians' schedule

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